Tailwater Systems Company

John Scardon - Founder of Tailwater Systems
Dr. John Skardon, Founder of Tailwater Systems

Company History

Tailwater Systems was formed in 2017 after the founder, John Skardon, performed a detailed study of the nitrate pollution problems in California and why this pollution problem persisted for so long. Identifying the key drivers of this deadlock led to a different approach that would be compatible with the reality of current agricultural growing practices. The company chose to focus on a utility-scale technology, using so-called biofilm carriers (MBBR), as their approach.

The key question was: “Can a utility-scale technology be re-imagined as a small and scalable solution that could be easily operated by existing ranch staff?”

The company launched its first product in 2018, the BioTreat nitrate removal system. This system was immediately successful, removing prodigious amounts of nitrate (converted into nitrogen gas). The company has been profitable and growing since 2018.

Our Mission

The mission of Tailwater Systems is to develop solutions that enable agriculture to shift to a more environmentally sustainable practice by recycling and reusing nutrients, while also enabling water reuse.

Advantages of Tailwater Systems

  • Environmentally sustainable practices
  • Small and easily scalable solutions
  • Systems compatible with current agricultural growing practices

Our Customers

Tailwater Systems is focused exclusively on agriculture – from growing, through processing, to distribution. Our customers are growers producing vegetables, fruit and berries, and other agricultural commodities. Customers use our systems to meet State and Federal environmental mandates but also increase yield per acre by removing contaminants from water, such as sodium and chloride, that negatively affect yield-per-acre and soil health.