Performing routine maintenance on our systems is essential to maintaining safe and reliable operation and reduce costs from avoidable damage. The bill of materials on each system will specify the component specification,  the supplier(s),  and other data.  Each system has a list of periodic maintenance and trouble shooting requirements.   

Our systems are designed to minimize the use of expensive, exotic, or “single-source” components.   However, some of our systems do rely on a preferred vendor.  This is especially true of our YieldMax product. This system uses ion exchange resins specifically targeted to bind to chloride. There may be other resins available,  but we will always strive to use the products that provide the best value for our customers.

Tailwater Proprietary Materials and Processes

Keep in the mind that Tailwater does develop proprietary and often patented techniques or materials for achieving a water treatment goal. If you are using a patented system or a system with proprietary methods and materials, it is essential to follow our guidelines on how to use these components correctly and within the stated performance requirements.

TWS Solar Pump Controller
TWS Solar System
TWS Solar Charger Controller
TWS Digester System

Contract Maintenance Programs

All of our systems are innovative implementations, often the first of its kind in the market place. We recommend that you purchase a maintenance program for the first year of operation so that your staff can learn how to keep the systems running trouble-free. We can also provide training to your staff as you transition over to customer driven maintenance programs. Keep in mind that this does not apply to subscription business models – we do all maintenance and repairs at our cost.

Extended Warranties

Our designs generally target operating conditions that do not “push the limit” of operation. This is especially true of rotating equipment such as pumps. We design with considerable safety margins so that the powered equipment like pumps can have a long and error-free lifetime. It may make sense to purchase extended warranties when the operation of the equipment is “mission-essential” to your farming operation. This can involve on-site spares or backups or staging supplies within a short distance from the operation. This is especially important for 7×24 operation (see below).

TWS Solar Pump Controller
Workers Installing Pumps
TWS Solar Inverter

7×24 Operation

We’ve found that we can operate our equipment non-stop is possible given the following restrictions:

  • Operate well below the maximum operating speeds of pumps (for example)
  • Routine maintenance is done aggressively and on-time
  • Consumables are kept onsite and in enough quantities so the systems don’t need to be shut down waiting for a part or chemical.