Business Models & Operational Requirements

We design our systems to offer a balance between flexibility and performance, while never compromising safety of the operators or the equipment. Your ability to control our systems is dependent upon the business model. A small list of basic operational requirements is listed below.

Our goal is to provide you with the most appropriate and cost effective operational control of these system while maintaining the system integrity, minimizing cost, and assuring safe and uneventful operation.

  • These systems are configured for remote operation by our staff, in general.  
  • Customers are required to do the most basic tasks- cleaning strainers and filters,  replacing consummable items
  • Monthly and End of Year maintenance is done by Tailwater Staff
  • Normal wear and tear failure (pumps, fittings, etc) are replaced at no cost by our staff.

  • Systems are configured to allow customer full control of all accessible operating parameters
  • Maintenance is normally done by the customer but we can provide extended warranties and customized Tailwater maintenance programs.
  • Monthly and end of year maintenance is done by the customer unless you have purchased a maintenance program.
  • Tailwater replaces any part that fails due to normal operation within its lifetime.  Customers are responsible for any damage done by improper operation or contamination of the equipment (e.g. algae being pumped into a BiotTreat system)

  • This is the most flexible of all of our programs but is only available to customers expecting to install and operate multiple systems
  • Customers with an operating license are responsible for all operational controls of the system. 
  • Customers purchase all materials per our specifications.  Tailwater can assist in the installation and startup as required.
  • Customers can customize the operation of the systems.