All of our systems must be design, operated, and maintained to meet or exceed safety and operational regulations. We make every reasonable effort to design and build systems to prevent injury to people or property, or the environment. It is the customer’s responsibility to insure that their staff operates our equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Poorly supervised or untrained customer personnel can put themselves and others at risk by attempting to operate our equipment.

System Designers vs Contractors

Our company primary goal is to design and build systems to accomplish a customer’s goal in the treatment of irrigation and drainage water. We are not consulting engineers. Customers can retain consulting engineering firms to aid in the installation or operation of our equipment to meet local, state, or national regulatory requirements.

TWS Solar System Setup
TWS Solar System
TWS Solar Charger Controller
Electrical Outlet Installation

Customer Premise Equipment

Tailwater does not touch or modify customer premise equipment.  This type of issue is most common when running electrical power from a distribution panel to our equipment. We require that a licensed electrician run the the power to our equipment so that we can do routine connections. We require the customer to bring the electric power and the water to our system. An example is useful.

Many of our systems require 3 phase electric power for pumping systems. We normally employ programmable variable frequency drives (VFD) to control the pumps under external software or sensor control. Our system begins at the VFD. We are responsible for correctly wiring the VFD to our system. A licensed electrician is required to make the physical connection to the VFD.

Please note that moving hoses with quick disconnect fittings (such as cam-lever or Banjo(TM) style connectors) or modifying actual pipe fittings does not apply. This is very common, especially when doing monthly or unscheduled maintenance.

Environmental Compliance

By far, environmental compliance has been and will continue to be a major goal. Our corporate mission to help our customers become more sustainable and improve the quality of our surface and ground water over time. While we make every effort to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals (regardless of the source), it is essential that the customer follow the local, state, and federal requirements for transportation, use, and land-filling of chemicals and their containers.

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