We provide software upgrades at no charge to all customers. These are performed by our team members during routine maintenance or via the Internet, if you have purchased an Internet option package. Hardware and other operating procedures are quite common in the initial year of operation of our equipment, due to the novelty of our systems and how they adjust to the customers treatment requirement. The cost of upgrades is a function of the business model (subscription, purchase, or license) and the business requirements.

Given the wide variety of sensors, pumps, and control systems commercially available, upgrades are often an on-going process.

Upgrade Categories

Changes in Flow Rate

  • Very common
  • Often require a larger pumping unit or one with additional capabilities

Changes in concentration levels of water contaminants

  • Common
  • May result in higher or lower use of consumables or changes in operating conditions
  • Addition of additional filtration or other passive treatment options

Information Flow

  • Less common
  • Often involves the use of additional sensors to monitor specific treatment parameters. For example: Conductivity, ORP and many others.

Reliability or Enhanced Performance

  • Less common
  • Occasionally, we find a new version or replacement component that adds significant value to our system operation.  
  • A recent example is a new line of metering pumps that have expanded control and built in diagnostics.
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