Chloride Removal

Innovative Solution for Chloride Removal

Our salt removal system (new in Q1 2023), can remove chloride and other salts from your irrigation water. Since many crops experience yield loss when exposed to high levels of chloride, lowering the level of this ion can improve your yield per acre.

Don’t want to learn the system yourself? No problem, these systems are sold on a subscription basis. This means that if you don’t like the system after the initial period, we will take it back. We manage all aspects of the system so you can focus on growing more crops per acre.

Key Features

Our salt removal systems have a number of advantages over all other solutions.

  • Low Energy. Our systems require only enough power to push the water through a few tanks. No high pressure/costly membrane filtration systems to deal with.
  • Low OPEX. We operate these systems during the day and regenerate the system at night. This reduces the overall cost of acquisition.
  • Low Maintenance. Since we offer this as a subscription,  you do NO maintenance. Your monthly subscription covers all consumables.
  • Brine Management. When we regenerate the system at night, we collect the brine,  reduce the volume dramatically and sequester the negative ions such as chloride as a salt. This is critical to sustainability – we permanent remove the chloride from local water supply.
Chloride Removal Facility
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